About Us

GameCheatUni is a team of professional gamers and crackers which focuses on releasing the latest game relatesd hacks, cheats, trainers and many more. All of the contents in this site is proudly coded and conceptualized by its hardworking members.

The team was organized somewhere in the middle of the 2011 and only this year it decided to formalized its efforts and made it known via this website . The team’s first few releases were something related to WarCraft and Defense of the Ancient (DoTA) Expansion. It included things like maphack and autoclicker that can be utilized on online multiplayer game. It is however not anymore updated since it was way back 2 years ago and now the team are more focusing on the hottest games that are played by numerous individuals around the world.

Team GameCheatUni ultimate goal is to continue to provide quality content releases to the gaming public for free. It is also part of the plant to make an online forum where individuals share their thoughts and probably make some contribution on things they feel they have knowledge upon. Feedback and requests are very much welcome into this site and to the team as it promises to continually improve its releases over time.