Best iPad for Boom Beach Revealed

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Boom Beach on Ipad

The question that we all have been asking for, as far as Boom Beach gaming is concern, which is the best iPad for the game run smoothly? Take a look at Apple site though you’ll see for iPad models in 20 different configurations ranging from three hundred dollars to 930 dollars. Before you even get into my honest guide and review, absolutely stay away from the iPad 2. It’s coming up on three years old. It doesn’t have a Retina Display. It’s getting much older design and still four hundred dollars. Just stay away that leads us to the following: first generation iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina, and the iPad air. All of these are capable of playing most recent games on the appstore like Boom Beach Unlimited Diamond Hack.

To start with let’s take a look at the physical designs. There’s a lot of DNA share between all three. You are essentially looking at the slab aluminum and glass. Hands down, these are the best built tablet you can buy. The original iPad Mini is actually slightly thinner and lighter than the new retina model which is a trade-off concerning that the newer model does have a better display and a bigger battery. In use, they feel great in the hand even for longer periods, and I’m still convinced this is the perfect size for tablets.

The iPad Air is quite a bit larger, however surprisingly light for the size which considering it’s called the air maybe isn’t such as a prize after all. It is definitely an improvement over earlier iPad however it is a two-handed device. One disappointment across all three is the speakers. It sounds alright, but the problem is both speakers on the bottom which actually ruins any sort of stereo sound.

You also find cameras on the back to the new iPad’s. There up they take pictures and video and you should use them because you’ll totally ridiculous. We’ve had to take a picture with an iPad. Definitely, the biggest difference between the iPad’s though are the screens the iPad Mini’s both sport a 7.9 inch display with the iPad air has a much larger 9.7 inch screen. I don’t get too much into the actual size of the screens however, since I am into playing Best Boom Beach Diamond Hack, having a large one is a big plus. Personally, I am lining towards the ipad air because overall it is a better weapon for those who have been training a lot with this game.

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