1. Can you hack a particular game for me?

  • Yes , we can do that for you just  make a request through our Support, we will try try our best to provide it for you!

2. How to can i download your files?

  • You can download our You just need to fill out a quick survey to download files on our website. It’s totally free to fill out a survey. If there is no survey available for your country, then we can do nothing.

3. I finished the survey, but the download is not working?

  • Use CCleaner and clear your browser cookies.  Create and use a new email (preferably gmail.com) and do not fake your information because that would nullify your attempt.  Also mobile/cellphones offers are the easiest to complete.

4. Is completing the survey necessary?

  • The revenue earned from surveys allow us to pay the upkeep of our website and its commitment of providing of game related stuffs.

5. Your file didn’t worked. What should i do?

  • You need to wait for the update  since some of it have already been patched as developers tend to detect it as soon as many starts abusing it. Rest assured the update will be provided in a matter of 24 -48 hours time.